In action


    • Smaller courses

    • Creamed fishsoup


      Creamed fish soup served with cod and seatrout filet, marinated shrimps, vegetables, spring onion and wild garlic oil, homebaked bread and butter from Kviteseid. 

      Allergens: milk, fish, shellfish 

    • Crispy salmon bohlinos


      Crispy salmon bohlinos served with, salad, homemade chipottle mayo and herb mayo.

      Allergener: fish, milk, egg

    • Local meat and cheese board


      Local dried and cured meat from Tind and Ole Ringdal, cheeses from Tingvollost. Served with marinated potatoes, jelly, sour cream and homemade bread and butter. Great for sharing

      Allergenes: milk, egg

    • Larger courses

    • Seatrout


      Herbbaked seatrout served with sweetpotatoe puree, green asparagus, summer cabbage, fresh vegetables, herbbaked potatoes and Hollandaise sauce flavoured with apple and chives. 

      Allergens: fish, egg, milk, gluten 

    • Grilled veal


      Grilled veal sirloin, served with celerypuree, green asparagus, fresh vegetables, pickled onion, herbbaked potatoes and bearnaise sauce. 

      Allergens: milk, egg 

    • Burgers

    • Post "kjebabb"


      Confit of young goat from Norddal and Eidsdal, the meat is cooked for a really long time, so it´s like pulled goat, served with coleslaw, chipottle mayo, pickled red onion, marinated vegetables, herb baked potatoes. 

      Allergenes: gluten, egg

    • Postburger


      Homemade hamburger with cheese, herb aioli, herbbaked potatoes, tomatoes, onion and salad

      Bacon 20,-
      Coleslaw 10,-

    • Beetroot burger


      Burger made from beetroot, served with coleslaw, pickled red onion, chippotle mayo, fresh salad and herbbaked potatoes.

      Allergenes: egg, gluten

    • Pizzas

    • Pizza Kraftkar


      Pizza with white sauce made from creme fraiche with oregano and onion. Topped with Coppa ham from Tind and "the world´s best cheese" - Kraftkar form Tingvollost.

      Allergenes: gluten, milk

    • Pizza Skarbø


      Pizza with tomato sauce, topped with dried ham from Tind and matured white cheese from Skarbø in Stranda.

      Allergenes: gluten, milk

    • Pizza Ringdal


       Pizza with tomato sauce, with chorizo from Ole Ringdal and sundried tomatoes. Topped with fresh herbs. 

       Allergenes: gluten, milk 

    • Pizza Ringdal white


      Pizza with white sauce made from creme fraiche with oregano and onion, with salami from Ole Ringdal and sundried tomatoes. Topped with a creamy goat cheese and fresh herbs. 

      Allergenes: gluten, milk 

    • Pizza Margerita


      Pizza with tomatoe sauce and cheese

      Allergens: gluten, milk

    • Children´s menu

    • Children´s pizza


      Mini pizza with cheese and ham

    • Children´s burger


      Homemade burger with herb baked potatoes, herb dressing, salad and tomatoes

    • Toast


      With ham and cheese